Paleo Tiger Ice Cream Smoothie -

Paleo Tiger Ice Cream Smoothie

Holy smokes.  Can you believe it’s Halloween at the end of this week?  I adore the fall: the crisp air, outfits of jeans and sweaters, wild print leggings with scarves and boots, changing leaves, and my birthday make it pretty awesome in my books.  It’s not as crazy at work; the harvest of squash, pumpkins,… 

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TPD Team - FBC2014 -

How to Network in a Onesie – Hint: Add Wine!

Holley:  Hey ladies! Raj:  Hey fellas! Have you met my friend Raj?  He’s single.  And great in the kitchen! Have you met my friend Holley?  She’s single and loves to cook! That’s the line I used a bunch last weekend at the FBC Food Blogger’s Conference at the Four Seasons in Vancouver.  Sadly I didn’t… 

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Paleo Peach Blueberry Pancakes -

Paleo Peach Blueberry Pancakes

These Paleo Peach Blueberry Pancakes can be made with fresh, frozen or canned fruit.  And check this out: it’s not often you can say syrup is sexy, but this… this syrup pour is sexy.  When Raj and I meet up for breakfast, he usually requests pancakes, blueberry pancakes, which explains the volume of variations of… 

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Paleo Tuna Salad on Lettuce -

Paleo Tuna Salad

OK friends, we’ve got a lot of exciting things coming your way!  Stories, recipes, funny photos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (Holley finally convinced me to install the Twitter app on my phone and almost has me convinced to try Instagram as well…).  Lots has been happening the last couple weeks. Last week I went… 

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Paleo Rosemary Raspberry Jam -

Paleo Rosemary Raspberry Jam

My mother is famous.  Or maybe infamous?  Her raspberry jam is definitely famous.  I have friends who clamor and beg for “Nola’s raspberry jam” or any of her amazing preserves.  It’s in mismatched jars of all different sizes and shapes; jars found at second hand stores, recycling bins and garage sales.  It is the best… 

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Paleo Squashed Butternut Squash -

Paleo Squashed Butternut Squash

It’s squash season!  I’d say that food is the best part about Autumn.  Though to be fair, I’d probably say that about many a season….  Be that as it may, this easy Paleo Squashed Butternut Squash recipe is definitely worthy of the season. Seeing as this last weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving, I was with family.  Family… 

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Orange Cranberry Sauce 05

Paleo Cranberry sauce

Some how along the way, I have become a food snob.  Now don’t get me  wrong, if someone is kind enough to make me or buy me dinner, I will graciously accept and eat what is put before me.  But whenever I can, I choose the homemade.  The fresh.  The local. Now I realize not… 

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Paleo Thanksgiving for Two -

Paleo Thanksgiving for Two

Hi!  It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend so we have a couple ideas to share with your family and loved ones.  I’m sure most of you will need to multiply the Paleo Thanksgiving for Two recipe for more people.  The nice thing is that this dinner won’t take all day to make! I mentioned my recent… 

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