Paleo Curry Carrot Cake -

Paleo Curry Carrot Cake

It’s our birthday (last week)!!!  The Primal Desire has been the light of our eyes for one whole year.  Raj figured we needed a birthday cake.  I didn’t agree: what one year old really NEEDS cake?  And well, I haven’t been super motivated to bake lately.  I whined and sniveled and put it off, but… 

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Thai Cabbage Paleo Noodles- title

Saucy Thai Cabbage Noodles

Yeah!  Thai Cabbage Noodles!  I love this!  It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s delicious!  It’s got a paleo peanut satay feel to them.  Have these saucy Thai cabbage noodles with anything:  I just ate them with pineapple, my butter chicken and some Chinese broccoli with mushrooms….  Getting all the Asian influences into this meal, haha.  It’s… 

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Quick and easy, tomato garlic salad, for a lunch on the run!

Tomato Garlic Salad

Sometimes you need fast food.  Not that salty processed junk, but food.  Good food.  Fast.  This tomato garlic salad comes together in no time, there is even minimal chopping!  I like to have it with eggs in the morning, or add some chicken at lunch.  It also pulls off a spot on a dinner plate as well.  It’s like… 

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It's our 1st birthday!!! Come celebrate with us and see what our first year looked like! -

The Primal Desire is a 1-Year-Old!

Happy 1st Birthday!!! The Primal Desire is a 1-year-old paleo recipe resource!  What a year of adventure this has been!  Looking at the world from the eyes of a parent trying to afford our lil Primal D all the best opportunities available.  When do you need to apply to top-notch schools? Thank goodness those first… 

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Sunrise Blossom Smoothie -

Sunrise Blossom Smoothie

Remember how last week I promised innovative recipes?  Well, my original plan didn’t really pan out for me.  Sometimes that happens.  As a result I haven’t been grocery shopping, and have been eating the most random combinations of things.  Sometimes even surprise things out of the freezer!  Yay for Raj’s butter chicken and duck soup.  I… 

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Ginger Strawberry Tea -Ginger strawberry tea, is flavourful and restorative. Hot or iced it might be your new favorite beverage!

Ginger Strawberry Tea

Do you ever feel apathetic about food?  Or have the feeling that you eat the same things all the time? Or simply have no appetite?  I occasionally (currently) feel like that.  I crave something new and exciting.  And I want it served to me on a silver platter.  By a unicorn, under a rainbow.   Not… 

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Spicy Lime Paleo Egg Salad -

Spicy Lime Paleo Egg Salad

When was the last time you looked up instructions for a hard-boiled egg?  In making this Spicy Lime Paleo Egg Salad, I thought I should look into how to make the perfect hard-boiled egg instead of ending up with that over-cooked, dry egg with the grey ring…  The answer I kept finding involved covering the… 

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Paleo Waldorf Salad -

Paleo Waldorf Salad

Paleo Waldorf Salad is a winner for your garden tea party, a snack or lunch.  I added some tuna for a crunchy meal. I told you last week, I spent my time in bed sick watching Downton Abbey.  Well, it got me thinking of my Grannies.  I have always been an old soul, more interested in… 

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