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Holley, 38

Purveyor of Amazing
  • Cheeseboard master builder
  • Danced on Electric Circus
  • Hosted all the massive high school parties and was involved in every club available
  • High school cheerleader
  • Worked at strippers (not as a stripper)
  • Enjoys nature and gardening
  • Makeup lover and Beautycounter addict
  • Secretly high strung
  • Who's the Boss?  Holley's been the boss her entire life
  • Has 2 middle names and was named after a car part

Hi, thanks for stopping to read my profile.   I have a full life and am looking for someone great that fits in.  I enjoy real food, farmers markets, photography, and adventure. I have many jobs that I love.  Passion for work is a great thing but it doesn’t leave me much for leisure time.

What keeps me passionate?  I am a Beautycounter consultant.  I love this company not only for the high performing products, but the focus on education.  We all deserve better, and we will achieve that by supporting companies looking out for the consumer and voluntarily doing 3rd party screening (Plus the consultant commission is nice as well, so think about joining our team).  And I love makeup!  Now I don’t need to worry about endocrine disruptors and contaminates! Yay!  I am looking for like-minded people to join my team, so please reach out with any questions!

What brings more joy and comfort than nourishing and delicious food?  Besides great company?  I am asking…  Do you know of anything?  Nourishing and delicious food paired with great company means joy and contentment. I enjoy creating a snack and cheese boards, plating a delicious dinner, or filling the house with delicious smelling food to nourish the people inside.

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