Adult Summer Camp Festival Photos

Holley and I both went to an adult summer camp this weekend that also included a music festival component at night.  We both unplugged from our phones, but I did take a few photos and videos on the last night….

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What a fun weekend!  Adult camp for adults!  I mean, come on!  Why don't adults do this every year?  No cell phones, connecting with other people, enjoying nature, playing capture the flag and other games, having intriguing conversations, embracing the spirit of art and creativity, doing crafts, dancing to music, hiking, hitting the swimming hole, making new friends, taking mini workshops such as acro-yoga and chakra breathing….

With all that and much, much more, there aren't a lot of photos, but I wanted to share some of the art and images that I did collect on the last night, while the music festival was on.  Unfortunately, I don't remember the names of the artists involved.

Obviously, we were each camping in Purple Camp:

I really loved this piece (but I can't remember the name of the artists who made it):

Along with the camp activities, there was also the music festival aspect:

I absolutely loved this portal by Eric In The Circle:

Kubb – Viking Chess

Aside from meeting new friends, enjoying music, making and admiring others' art, I got to play some fun games.  A new one to me is called Kubb (pronounced koob, rhymes with tube), also known as Viking Chess.  Without getting into the details, essentially you’re throwing sticks to knock over your opponent’s blocks.

I played Kubb for hours.  This morning I have been looking online for local leagues, instructions and dimensions to build my own, or where to buy a set (there are a bunch of cheap mini versions on Amazon, and most of the full-sized ones I found are over $100, but I found that this Kubb has the full-sized pieces).

Summer camp was so much fun!  What do you have planned this summer?

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