How to Network in a Onesie – Hint: Add Wine!

TPD Team - FBC2014 -

Holley - The Primal DesireHolley:  Hey ladies!

Raj - The Primal Desire

Raj:  Hey fellas!

Have you met my friend Raj?  He’s single.  And great in the kitchen!

Have you met my friend Holley?  She’s single and loves to cook!

That’s the line I used a bunch last weekend at the FBC Food Blogger’s Conference at the Four Seasons in Vancouver.  Sadly I didn’t exploit Raj for the good of the site, or for my own personal entertainment, despite him being a gender minority. 

There were basically no guys there for me to act as wing-man for Holley (at the conference itself), but she really doesn’t need my help anyway.

Hey!  A girl can always use a little help!

We are finally getting over our food hangover after eating a ton of delicious food at the conference.

Some of which was even paleo.  But all of it was amazing, as one would expect from a food blogging conference!

Thanks to Chef Ned Bell and his team at the Four Seasons.  Raj, do you remember why we decided to go to this conference so soon after starting the blog?

Ummm…  No.  That was ages ago.  What was it, like June?


No, we started the blog in April.

Oh.  Well it seemed like quite the commitment at the time.  Whatever the reason, I’m glad we went.

Definitely.  Being the newbies at the conference meant that there was lots for us to take in including all the info from the talks, meeting fellow food bloggers, and meeting amazing speakers such as Robin Esrock, Thug Kitchen – (cookbook)(affiliate link), and everyone else that provided tons of motivation and inspiration.

Holley brought enough wine to get a room party started (she knows how to network in a onesie!), but with all the travel involved most people hit the sack early that first night.  We were fortunate enough to hang out with Angie from Friday Cake Night (NOT paleo, but lots of fun) who has only been blogging a month longer than us. 

Being an intimate party, the dress code was our best fleece onesies and PJs!  We did wander around trying to recruit more people but only succeeded in attracting looks, pointing and laughter.

We were also able to have a few discussions with people who had some experience with the paleo lifestyle (like Heather from Tea with Me).  We got to spend an evening with Matt and Michelle from Thug Kitchen and others sharing stories, wine, and of course, laughter (we only had one noise complaint). 

And I have a backup career plan if this food blogging thing falls through.

You’re gonna share that story, are you?

Probably.  Eventually.  I’m gonna ease readers into that one…   #awkward



…Not to change the subject, but wasn't it great to attend a conference so well organized, seemingly without a hitch?

Nice segue …

Melissa and Ethan worked tirelessly day and night to provide a truly world-class experience.  And the SWAG BAGS!!!  I need a bigger kitchen!

Look who you’re talking to.  I’m already dying for space. 

It really was amazing and you’d never guess that it was only FBC’s second conference. 

Plus it was just really great time. 

We learned a ton and have a lot of ideas and new plans for the site. 

I’m never gonna have time to go on another date.  But that’s ok, I’m ready to start a passionate affair with our readers (risqué, considering most of our readers are married women).  

We want you to see our personalities; more than just what is in our blog posts.  We want to connect with you, our readers through more discussions and more social media insight into our lives.  Which means we want to hear more from you guys, in comments, “the Twitter”, or whatever platform you prefer.

I’ve finally convinced Raj to use “the Twitter”.  #gonnabeentertaining


…He obviously still has no idea how to use a hashtag.

We’re going to be busy working on new projects, some of which we hope to have ready by the end of the year (we’ll keep you posted as things come together). 

So stay tuned for those details.  We’ll be asking for your help in getting the word out about exciting projects as they come together.

Hey Raj, thanks for being the one on the team who’s not afraid of commitment and signing us up for the conference.

Well, thanks for being such a fun and supportive blog buddy.  PBB.  Paleo Blog Buddy.  Hashtag.

#clueless but #cute

And to you, our readers: Thank you for your support and interest in what we have to offer.  We are looking forward to a deeper connection with all of you as we grow and “mature”. 



TPD Team - FBC2014 -

We had to stage this photo after the conference because Raj wasn’t interested in taking pictures with me at the conference.

Not true, there was that photo booth!  

photobooth 1


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