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Christmas morning with family is a magical time and what's better than sharing a delicious breakfast?  We kinda love breakfasts, start the day with tasty paleo food?  Yes, please!!  Like our friend Brooke always says “only 1 more sleep till breakfast!”  We have a lot of Paleo Christmas Breakfast ideas, all rounded up in one spot just for you!

Below are drinks & smoothies, pancakes & waffles, omelets, eggs, and miscellaneous including coconut yogurt, breakfast sausages, and chocolate chia mousse.  And don't forget to check out our Paleo Christmas Menu ideas!

Drinks & Smoothies

In honor of Zoolander 2: Zoolander Paleo Orange Mocha Frappuccino - quick, easy and yummy! Mocha Frappuccino
Paleo Chocolate Banana Almond Butter Smoothie - www.ThePrimalDesire.comChocolate Banana Almond-Butter Shake
Paleo Blackberry Mint Smoothie - www.ThePrimalDesire.comBlackberry Mint Smoothie
Sunrise Blossom Smoothie - www.ThePrimalDesire.comSunrise Blossom Smoothie
Balsamic Pear Smoothie - www.ThePrimalDesire.comBalsamic Pear Smoothie
Paleo Cherry Chocolate Smoothie - www.ThePrimalDesire.comCherry Chocolate Smoothie
Paleo Tiger Ice Cream Smoothie - www.ThePrimalDesire.comTiger Ice Cream Smoothie
Paleo Blueberry Watermelon Mint Smoothie - www.ThePrimalDesire.comBlueberry Watermelon Mint Smoothie


Pancakes & Waffles

Paleo Pancakes (Carrot, Blueberry, Lemon) www.ThePrimalDesire.comCarrot Blueberry Pancakes
Paleo Black Forest Pancakes - Forest Pancakes
Paleo Peach Blueberry Pancakes - www.ThePrimalDesire.comPeach Blueberry Pancakes
Paleo Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes - www.ThePrimalDesire.comPumpkin Pecan Pancakes
Banana Flour Waffles are easy, delicious, and grain, gluten, nut and dairy free. Looking for a fruit and vegetable filled breakfast? These are a hit, with young and old alike! Flour Waffles
Nutty Waffles 06Nutty Waffles


Sauces, Toppings, and Jams

Blueberry Raspberry Sauce for Chicken, Pork, Ice Cream, etc - This Blueberry Raspberry Sauce is good on ALL OF THE THINGS, such as chicken, pork, ice cream, baked brie, turkey, waffles, etc. Raspberry Sauce
Tomato-free Peach BBQ Sauce - Here's a different sauce for BBQing: Peach BBQ Sauce that's even nightshade-free. Sauce
Super Paleo Strawberry Jam is sugar free, so simple, and delicious! Great with a little ice cream, on paleo waffles or pancakes. Enjoy the flavor of sweet strawberries without all the added crap! Strawberry Jam
Apricot Jalapeno Paleo Jam 01Apricot Jalapeno Jam
Paleo Rosemary Raspberry Jam - www.ThePrimalDesire.comRosemary Raspberry Jam
Paleo Whipped Coconut Cream - www.ThePrimalDesire.comWhipped Coconut Cream
Fresh Tomato Paleo Ketchup - www.ThePrimalDesire.comFresh Tomato Ketchup



banana-omelette-09Banana Omelette
paleo-satay-avocado-prawn-omelette-03Satay Avocado Prawn Omelette
garlic-paleo-banana-bread-05Garlic Banana Bread
Mashed Yam Omelette - www.ThePrimalDesire.comMashed Yam Omelette
Paleo Baba Ganoush Omelette - www.ThePrimalDesire.comBaba Ganoush Omelette
Paleo Omelette - Butter Chicken www.ThePrimalDesire.comButter Chicken Omelette
Paleo Duck Egg Omelet Omelette - www.ThePrimalDesire.comDuck Egg Omelette



Paleo Eggs Benedict - www.ThePrimalDesire.comEggs Benedict
Paleo Red & Green Eggs - www.ThePrimalDesire.comGreen Eggs and… Red Eggs
Scrambled Egg Stuffed Bell Peppers are incredibly simple, but not short on flavor. And they're so pretty! Egg Stuffed Bell Peppers
Bacon Banana Scrambled Eggs 01Bacon Banana Scrambled Eggs
Paleo Egg Muffins (aka Frittata Muffins) are full of vegetables and flavor - make a batch as quick breakfasts/snacks for the week! www.ThePrimalDesire.comEgg Muffins
(aka Frittata Muffins)
Paleo Nori Egg Roll. Paleo nori wraps, are a great finger food, appetizer, breakfast, or a light meal! www.ThePrimalDesire.comNori Egg Rolls
PaleoProsciutto Eggs - Prosciutto Breakfast Bites



instant-pot-coconut-yogurt-01Coconut Yogurt
Paleo Breakfast Sausage - www.ThePrimalDesire.comBreakfast Sausage
Paleo Cabbage Hash - www.ThePrimalDesire.comCabbage Hash
garlic-paleo-banana-bread-05Garlic Banana Bread
Maple Braised Cabbage - www.ThePrimalDesire.comBraised Cabbage
ricotta-pears-no-title“Ricotta” Pears
nectarine-and-berry-chia-pudding-blendNectarine and Berry Chia Pudding
Paleo Chia Chocolate Mousse - Chia Chocolate Mousse
Curried Apple Sauce - www.ThePrimalDesire.comCurried Apple Sauce



About the Author:

I’m trained as a pharmacist, but my passion lies in changing people’s mental and physical health through amazing food… and laughter. I’ll laugh at my own jokes even if you don’t. I love food. Lust may be a more appropriate word. Prepare to get your Paleo-induced drool-on!

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