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Pink Lady Sauce: So simple and easy, 3 ingredient Pink Lady Applesauce will be a hit with the entire family.

Pink Lady Applesauce **Canned**

  • Author: Holley -



  1. Set one large pot (filled with water) on the stove to boil, once it comes to a rolling boil, sterilize all of your jars and lids. Turn your water down so it stays hot, but not boiling.
  2. Fill your canning pot with water and start to heat, you need enough water that when jars are immersed there will be about an inch of water over the top.
  3. Take your applesauce and hot pack, meaning you can put it directly into your sterilized jars.
  4. Using your chopstick or fancy canning tool to remove any air bubbles from the jar by moving the applesauce around. The air can cause an issue sealing, diminish the shelf life, and cause discoloration.
  5. Put the hot and sterilized lids on and screw the ring on. You want it finger tightened, but not too tight.
  6. Once your canning pot has come to a gentle boil immerse your full-of-goodness applesauce jars into the water. You will see tiny bubbles coming from the lids: this is a good thing. Set your timer for 20 min (longer for higher elevations, check with the national center for home food preservation for processing times)
  7. When your timer is complete, remove jars carefully from the boiling water and put on a thick towel. Leave them alone now for 24 hours. As they cool you will hear the “pop” of cans sealing, this is the sweetest sound when canning.
  8. After 24 hours, any cans that haven’t sealed, (the top is not concave), refrigerate and consume within the next few days.
  • Category: Preserving
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