Privacy Policy, Disclaimers and Disclosures (Good read)

Privacy Policy, Disclaimers and Disclosures (Good read)2018-06-14T13:42:30+00:00

Hello, thanks for stopping by our disclaimer page.  The legal stuff.  Imagine a world where these weren't necessary…  It is like an entire page of “NOT IT!”


The original content on this blog is written by myself (Holley), or my blog partner (Raj)***.  Our photos and graphics, unless otherwise stated, are also our original content.  We do our own photography, and editing is done by Raj (if you are interested in hiring either of us for our skills, please feel free to email us – our emails are at the bottom of the page).

All of the photos on the site are the property of and require our expressed permission for third-party use.  Any use of our original content (recipes, photos, etc) requires adequate credit, linking or expressed permission.  Even with permission granted we will retain ownership of our content and photos.  Please feel free to email us to inquire.


Your privacy is important to us.  Just as we do not want to see your BM or that rash you have, we aren't interested in selling or distributing your personal information (so we won't).  It’s personal, just like that rash (I would see a healthcare professional about that BM it looks and smells like you could have leaky gut.  But again, see a professional… and someone else about the poo pictures on your cell phone).

We do not see your specific email address or contact information when you visit the site.  The only way we will obtain your personal information through the website is if you subscribe to our email updates or comment on our blog.  Because comments are posted publicly please use caution if posting any personal information.  We claim no responsibility for the comments of any third parties on our site.

If you are a minor, we don’t want your personal information – not at all.  However, if you are a miner, comment away!

Any time you wish to unsubscribe from email updates you can do so by clicking on the “unsubscribe now” link at the bottom of the email update you receive from us.  But we will be very, very sad to see you go.  We'll assume that you just have too many messages in general in your inbox.  But you're always able to come back when you realize your mistake and you miss us!

Cookies, Log files, Analytics

The technical side of this: cookies, tracking and the use of data collected is beyond my expertise, and makes me want to make a stylish tinfoil hat to wear (to protect against the unknown of government/organizations/aliens/bigfoot/zombies/cell phones/electronic cookies – “e-cookies” if you will).


I know I can bake cookies, delicious Paleo cookies even, but as for disabling them on your browser, I can’t help. I’m sure it’s something you can Google?  I let the cookies log my browsing, it's not that exciting.  The method will depend on your individual browser.

The statistics plugins and advertising on our blog (have to try to pay the bills) do utilize cookies, and not the kind that you eat. They observe where you have surfed before and your tendencies for web browsing. We do not access this information about you specifically, nor do we see any of your personal information. But some computer somewhere does see where you have been before and caters the advertising to your specific history.  This explains why I get so many shoe ads and dating sites.  Our cookies are not malicious (just delicious hahah…).

Log files and Analytics:

We do utilize log files and analytics, mostly to see whose posts are doing better.  Kidding: it’s a team effort.  We utilize the data to bring you better recipes: what you want and when you want it. It also tells us what pages get the most traffic (About Raj is far more interesting to more people than the About Holley.  Hmnn…), our general demographic (we seem to get more female visitors; maybe why the About Raj gets more hits; he is awfully cute. I get it), the geographic location of readership (some days we have more Canadian viewers and some days more American – we love all of our readers regardless of where you're accessing us from), and a better understanding of how people find, use, and navigate the site.  This is all done using elements of Google Analytics (features that we're using include demographics, interest reports, and in-page analytics).  But again we do not use your specific IP addresses or personal information (unless you comment or sign-up for email updates).  For more information, see: Google AdWords Policy for Advertising Based on Interests and Location.  If you would like to opt-out of Google Analytics information being collected here are currently available opt-out options.


The views and opinions expressed in this blog are our own, based on our own experiences and observations.  We know things about things, but are not, or in any way aspire to be “know-it-alls”.

Raj is trained as a pharmacist, but he is not your healthcare provider.  I'm sure you would enjoy having him as your pharmacist, but this is not a pharmacy, and you will not be treated as a pharmacy patient here.

I, Holley, am a registered bartender, but not your neighborhood barkeep.  (I wanted to throw that in, as it magnifies that I am speaking entirely from my own personal experiences with: medicine, thyroid dysfunction, hormone imbalance, depression, nutrition and natural medicine.  I have watched doctor shows on T.V. but they don’t award a diploma for that).

We are not your healthcare professionals and our personal observations do not replace or supersede your medical professional’s expert opinions or advice.  Suggestions and ideas that we share may or may not have a place in your general health strategy, but should be discussed with your own healthcare professionals who are familiar with your individual health status and history.

All we really know about you is your great taste in web browsing, as you ended up on our fantastic website.  Good for you.  Glad to have you.

If you are looking for the “Why Paleo” check out these sites:

Robb WolfMark SissonWhole9 or Nom Nom Paleo as they have all done the marathon of research and are considered gurus within the community.

Although we do research and fact check, not everything you read on the internet is true, (shocking) so please feel free to challenge, do your own research and form your own opinions.  Knowledge is empowerment. We are not liable for any information correct or incorrect you may gather or imply.

Any time we quote or link to a third party website we do not claim responsibility for the content or the views expressed therein.

We are not responsible or liable for any clicking you may do.  Always use adequate protection when web browsing in areas you don’t know, or unfamiliar sites.  Your computer health is important. Malicious spyware can be lurking anywhere, and getting a computer virus sucks, not unlike getting a person virus. Protect yourself.

We do have affiliate links through iTunes, Amazon and a few others.  While we receive a small percentage of sales through our link (which does not affect the cost to you, so make sure you find the sales when you can), we do not know what you are purchasing, your personal information, or credit card information.  So feel free to purchase that 55 gallon barrel of personal lubricant (You have to read those reviews; they are too funny!). We won’t know.  But even if we did, we wouldn't judge – might be curious, but we wouldn't judge.  We also have no desire to direct you to purchase anything we have not or would not purchase or use ourselves.

We hope to receive sponsorships and/or endorsements and/or donations from time to time.  I mean who doesn’t like perks, swag and VIP treatment?  But our love cannot be bought, or even rented.  Cookbook reviews and any criticism or raving about: products, tools, books, shows, other sites etc. is because we truly love or hate them.  Not like how your boyfriend says he loves your best friend and then is always oddly busy when you want to hang. If you would like to have us review your cookbook, try your product, check out your site, advertising, sponsorship, donations or programming opportunities contact us at:

***We are not a couple (both single) and available for dating opportunities.  Contact us individually for details (or together if that’s your thing. Hahaha, kidding… mostly…  These will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis).

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