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New to the site?  Here’s what you need to know:

What’s New?

We recently changed site hosting companies to SiteGround.   The Primal Desire is loading way faster now (YAY!)!  I only have good things to say about these guys (customer support, speed, services), and if you are in need of a change, use the link above, or contact me with questions.

Lots more changes on the way…

Who Are We?

We are Holley and Raj.  We both like to cook.  We like to eat.  We are funny (we tell each other all the time).  Oh, and we're both single!  You can read all about the dynamic duo that makes up our team here.

What is the “Paleo” Diet?

Not sure what the paleo diet is?  How is the “primal” or “lacto-paleo” diet different?  What are our thoughts on this and why?  Read about all that here.

Helpful Tools

Before we get into some recipes below, you can check out some of the resources that we’ve put together in the form of affiliate links to some books, equipment, and products that we think are helpful and/or delicious and/or just fun, under the new “Shop” link in the top page menu.  Please support us but using our Amazon link when doing your shopping.

Recipes: The Basics

There are some core recipes that you’ll want to be aware of when transitioning to the paleo/primal/“evolutionary” diet such as: rice, mashed faux-tatoes, ketchup, breakfast sausages, whipped coconut cream, butter chicken, hummus, baked apple, lemon meringue pie, mayo, ranch dressing, guacamole, “cheesy” crackers, etc.

Recipes: Unique Combinations

Although we enjoy paleoizing classic recipes, we are both creative and playful in the kitchen using unusual “marriages of culinary genius”.  A few of the interesting recipes that we think you should take a look at are:

Features section

Check out some of our recipe features:

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Paleo Game Day Appies Paleo Holiday Recipes


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