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Hiya!  Hopefully, you're here because you like what we're doing here and want to show us some support.  Thank you!  We're so glad that you appreciate what we are creating!

You may have some other ideas of your own which we'd be excited to hear about, but here are the main ways that we would love to see support from you:

Sharing is Caring

Share everything!  Everything that we do: share it with friends and on social media.  Our posts and recipes, videos, our Beautycounter page, Instant Pot page, our ebook page, and any other projects in the future.

You know what is great?  When you share links to our Instant Pot posts in Facebook groups like the Instant Pot Community group.

And if you try or make any of our stuff, share that and tag us @theprimaldesire.  You're the best!

Buy Our eBook

“I'm Hungry!  What Should I Snack On?” is a recipe book full of tips on how to successfully change your diet buy planning for the between-meal-hunger that so often destroys our best intentions.  This is the first ebook that we have published for sale, and we're pretty proud of it.

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We are Beautycounter reps, so we'd love for you to buy your personal beauty products through us, and recommend them to your friends.  You could even join our team as a representative yourself!

If you're unfamiliar with Beautycounter and why we think everyone should know about them, check out

Affiliate Links

There are affiliate links throughout our site that we'd love for you to use for your online shopping.  The way they work is that we get a small advertising fee for any purchase you make using our links, but your price is unaffected!

So the next time you need something from Amazon, feel free to use this link: free to share with your friends who are online shopping fiends!

Set Us Up on Dates!

If none of that is enough, maybe you could set us up on some fun dates!  We're both single, driven, intelligent people who love to connect with good people!

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