We Are Funny To Listen To – Why We’re Using SoundCloud

We Are Funny To Listen To – Why We’re Using SoundCloud2017-03-21T14:05:06+00:00

We say it all the time:  We're pretty entertaining (at least to each other).  Holley's storytelling has me in stitches all the time.  She is really funny to listen to, and the two of us have each other laughing constantly when we hang out together.

I am lucky enough to hear Holley's voice and emphases in my head when reading her posts, but I've realized that you don't.  It's time to change all of that.

We often think that we should just be mic'd up all the time.  But until that happens, we are adding vocals via SoundCloud to our posts, so that you can hear us tell you the story.  That way you can enjoy listening to us, while allowing you to start cooking at the same time!  Boo-yah!

Look for something that looks like this within our recent posts:

Trust me: these will improve with time, hahaha.

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