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In getting to know me, Co-Founder, Co-President, and Co-Chief Executive of Drool-Production of The Primal Desire, you need to know my motivations.  You need to know that the primal desire creations that you find here are made with passion and love (the most important ingredients in food), not “just” blood, sweat, and tears.

So, why am I doing this?  Because I basically already was:  I would create amazing Paleo food every day and then take pictures and share it (and the recipe) with others, to brag …and to inspire.  It wasn’t long before I was sending photos to more and more people (pissing off non-foodies who were eating at fast food chains.  –Non-foodies: who lives like that?), and I decided I needed a way to post it in one place and then everyone would see it.  So I started an online Paleo group where friends could post things as well.  It was a fantastic community of people that grew quickly from the handful of close friends I was sharing with.  But it’s time to expand and grow!  With The Primal Desire, I can now make more people drool!  The difference now is that I take better pictures!  -And that the food is really cold by the time I get to eat it….

I didn’t really “get” blogging.  “So a blogger will just write about whatever, and then people will read about them all the time?  Who has time to follow some stranger’s life?”  But during my Paleo awakening while searching for cooking guides (following a recipe isn’t generally my style) more often than not I would land on Juli’s PaleOMG.  And I couldn’t help but get sucked into reading the post after glancing at it because I love her sense of humor.  “Oh!  Informative and entertaining!  I can get behind that.”  The more I thought about what she (and other food bloggers) do, the more I thought, “Man!  They’re doing what I should be doing!”  I’ve realized in the last few years that my spare time is spent in the kitchen, and I love that!  People that know me recognized that food is my passion more than I did.

One of the biggest challenges is definitely documenting the recipe.  And my memory blows.  Writing recipes is a good practice, because when you create something magical and then want to revisit it a year later and you’ve totally forgotten the details other than the size of the puddle of drool you caused as a result, it can be frustrating.

The great thing about the format of blogging itself is that I can talk about healthy lifestyles, take more time and reach more people than I can in my pharmacy setting.  I am way more passionate about helping people improve their health through healthy lifestyle changes than relying on medications (plus it’s cheaper than paying for prescriptions, there’s that sense of accomplishment when you can make a healthy change that lets you take control of the health of your body, and there are fewer adverse side effects).


(There should probably be more “wins”, but I think I’ve already over-done it)

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