Holley’s Top 10 Beautycounter Products – Summer 2017

BEAUTYCOUNTER!  I love it, and when Raj told me I had to pick 10 of my favorite items I told him it was an impossible feat.  It's like picking your favorite child.  Or your favorite food.  Probably why this has taken me well into the fall to write.

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I have always been a girly girl- I love dresses and shoes, and makeup!  For years I gave up my makeup save for special occasions because of all the junk in there.  Now I can enjoy all the great products again and use them confidently knowing they are made by a company that cares about my health and safety.  That is great to its consultants, is cruelty-free, and concerned with the earth.  The problem is, of all the things I have tried… there are only a couple things I don't love.  This list is of the items heaviest in my rotation over the summer.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to learn more about Beautycounter. I love talking about it.

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Holley's Top 10 Beautycounter Products

1.   Volume Shampoo & Conditioner Canadian link I am terrible to my hair.  I wash it every day, I never brush it, or get it cut.  Once a year I'll break down and get it chopped and highlighted.  My hair is fine and thin, and I lose it at an alarming rate.  Which is why you'll often see me braid it.  The Volume Shampoo and Conditioner means my thin hair is more voluminous, and I don't feel like I need to wash it every day!  And I love the way it smells! www.beautycounter.life
2. Rejuvenating Eye Cream Canadian link I love this eye cream, It smooths out the fine lines and life's troubles around my eyes, and covers for me for the nights with no sleep.  I'll be forever 29!  Or at least I'll look that way!
3.  Charcoal Bar Canadian link This soap is so versatile and lasts a really long time.  It makes my skin feel clean but not tight and really helps with hormonal acne.  I have struggled to try to find a good natural deodorant, but in the meantime, the charcoal bar makes me smell fresh and helps with the pesky underarm rashes I've had from failed deodorants.
4. Face Mask (charcoal) Canadian link  This was a hard one to choose: I really like this mask and the brightening.  The classic wins out with the refreshing mint scent and classic detoxifying and softening.  All of the Beautycounter masks are amazing.
5. #1 Face Oil with Vitamin C Canadian link Face oils have changed my face.  Or at least the skin on my face.  The newest addition to the face oil lineup, the refreshing citrus scent, and the vitamin C leaves my skin glowing and fresh.
 www.beautycounter.life 6. Eyeshadows Canadian link I have renewed my love of makeup with Beautycounter.  Shadows in shimmer and matte, and all things in between, with bold or subtle colors that blend beautifully.  I love when Beauycounter has a new palette because it means more colors!
7. Cleansing Balm Canadian link This is a cure-all miracle product.  Need a great oil cleanser?  Boom.  Makeup remover? It does that too.  Need a moisturizing overnight mask?  Here it is.  A few little problem spots?  This does double duty as a spot treatment.  Have dry elbows or feet?  Use a bit as an ultra moisturizer.  Works great on really chapped lips or your nose during cold and flu season!  A little goes a long way: with daily use, my cleansing balm lasted me 10 months!  Oh, and if you travel I have heard it doesn't count as a liquid and stays handy in your carry on bag!  So pack light or pack heavy but don't forget your cleansing balm! (Double check with the most recent security rules and regulations).
8. Nourishing Cream Exfoliator Canadian link I love smooth skin, especially on my face, and our dry Canadian winter can leave my face feeling flakey.  Not anymore!  I could use this gentle exfoliator daily (and I do) – without the worry of contaminating waterways with microbeads or damaging my sensitive skin with toxins and plastics!
9. Facial Mist Canadian link  I thought to myself, who uses face mists?  Who would like to be sprayed in the face?  After sampling the Rosewater Face Mist I know that I like the facial mists.  Use these to refresh or set your makeup, as a toner after masking, to give you a burst of fresh scent or take a mini time out.  A burst of citrus with the #1, floral peony #2, charcoal mint #3 or classic rosewater and soon you'll have it in your gym bag, your desk at work, and your purse, like I do!
  10. Body Butter in Citrus Mimosa Canadian link I have perpetually dry skin.  And the climate I live in is semi-arid and dry.  I love this body butter for the rich softness it gives my skin, never greasy and a light citrus scent.


 www.beautycounter.life 1. Mascara Canadian link Lengthening or Volumizing by Beautycounter mascara holds up all day, keeps my lashes curled but still removes easily.  I gave up my lash extensions after trying the lengthening mascara.  I am in love with both mascaras!
2. Lip Gloss Canadian link I'm a gloss girl from wayyyyyy back.  This lip gloss has great colors and goes on nice without being goopy or sticky.  I hate when my lip gloss grabs my hair, but I love that deep glossy gloss.  This gloss doesn't end up in my hair or jacket but gives me sine and a little color, and it smells divine!  www.beautycounter.life
 www.beautycounter.life 3. Lip Stick Canadian link Before Beautycounter I didn't love lipstick.  Something about the smell and the way it would make my lips feel after wearing it wasn't my jam. But lip sheers (and the Holiday Lip Intense) are so moisturizing it feels more like a lip balm.  My lips stay feeling soft, and the smell is faint cocoa butter (mint for the Holiday set).  Oh, and Beautycounter lip sheers are lead-free!
4. Sunscreen Stick Canadian link I have to wear sunscreen.  My fair freckled skin has two tones: white and red.  The sunscreen stick is zinc based and goes on so smooth and easy, without the mess on my hands.  Without the inhalation risk of toxins from the spray sunscreen that I used to use! www.beautycounter.life

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