Paleo Christmas Menu Ideas

A helpful list of Paleo Christmas Menu ideas to make planning Christmas dinner a little easier: drinks, appies, sides, entrees, desserts & even leftover ideas!

Happy Holidays!  If you're on top of things like many people (not me so much- I'm relying on my sister to orchestrate this), you are planning out your holiday meals.  We thought that it might be helpful to put a Paleo Christmas Menu Ideas list together.

You can use these not just for Christmas day itself, but any other days that you'll be cooking for family and loved ones as well through the holidays!  We have some traditional and non-traditional ideas on this list, so it should be helpful for all tastes!

Below are Drinks, Appetizers, Sides, Entres, Desserts, and Leftover ideas.  And don't forget to check out our Paleo Christmas Breakfast Menu (coming soon) to start off Christmas day with a happy mouth!


This refined-sugar free, paleo, and dairy free eggnog can be made in an Instant Pot, slow cooker, or stove-top.
Dairy Free Eggnog (Instant Pot, Slow Cooker & Stove-top)
A fun twist on the classic eggnog, this healthy chocolate eggnog is dairy free, refined sugar free, and paleo for a fun, healthier option this Christmas!
Healthy Chocolate Eggnog (Instant Pot, Slow Cooker & Stove-top)



Bacon and jalapeño? Hell yeah! This dip only gets better with each bite! Enjoy our Bacon Jalapeño Hummus Jalapeño Hummus
You were amazed by our original cauliflower hummus recipe and want to see more. Well you ain't seen nothin' yet! Beet Cauliflower Hummus
Paleo Jalapeno Cheesy Crackers & Onion Jam - www.ThePrimalDesire.comJalapeño “Cheesy” Crackers & Onion Jam
Smoky chili with a rich chocolate orange dusting make these paleo Orange Chocolate Chili Chicken Wings a hit at any gathering - including Super Bowl Sunday! Chocolate Chili Chicken Wings
serve with:
Chocolate Mole Sauce
Grapefruit Honey Garlic Chicken Wings Grapefruit Honey Garlic Chicken Wings
Peach Chili Chicken Wings - www.ThePrimalDesire.comPeach Chili Chicken Wings
paleo-chicken-strips-09 Chicken Strips & Honey Dill Dip
Paleo Apple Poppers - www.ThePrimalDesire.comApple Bacon Poppers
Mushroom Beef Endive Taco - www.ThePrimalDesire.comMushroom Beef Endive Taco Boats
Paleo Basil, Avocado, Bacon Deviled Eggs (aka Green Eggs and Ham) - www.ThePrimalDesire.comBasil Avocado Bacon Deviled Eggs
a.k.a. “Green Eggs & Ham”
Paleo Yogurt Dill Dip - Looking for a tangy dip for all those fresh veggies harvested from the garden or bought from the market? Look no further than this paleo Yogurt Dill Dip. Dill Dip
served with vegetables
canned-beets-08Pickled Beets
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus - www.ThePrimalDesire.comBacon Wrapped Asparagus




Orange Cranberry Sauce 05Citrus Cranberry Sauce
instant-pot-holiday-brussels-sprouts-no-titleHoliday Brussels Sprouts
Paleo Candied Maple Pecan Yams 12Candied Maple Pecan Yams
Moroccan Spiced Potatoes 07Moroccan Spiced Potatoes
paleo-roasted-golden-yams-12Roasted Golden Beets
Curried Pumpkin & Apple with Raisins - www.ThePrimalDesire.comCurried Pumpkin and Apple with Raisins
Curried Apple Sauce - www.ThePrimalDesire.comCurried Apple Sauce
Delicious year 'round! Smooth, creamy, and savory, Curry Cream of Broccoli Soup is the perfect comfort food when the temperature starts to drop! Cream of Broccoli Soup
Tomato Soup 02Tomato Soup
Paleo Stuffed Zucchini Boats - www.ThePrimalDesire.comStuffed Zucchini Boats
Maple Braised Cabbage - www.ThePrimalDesire.comBraised Cabbage
Paleo Glazed Banana Carrots - www.ThePrimalDesire.comGlazed Banana Carrots
paleo-creamy-coleslaw-05Creamy Coleslaw
Spinach Mandarin Orange Salad - www.ThePrimalDesire.comMandarin Pecan Spinach Salad
paleo-waldorf-salad-07Waldorf Salad
Paleo Apple Fennel Slaw - www.ThePrimalDesire.comApple Fennel Salad
Paleo Mushroom Risotto - www.ThePrimalDesire.comMushroom “Risotto”
Paleo Caesar Salad - www.ThePrimalDesire.comCaesar Salad with Croutons
Paleo Balsamic Bacon Radicchio - www.ThePrimalDesire.comBalsamic Bacon Radicchio



Sweet roasted grapes pair perfectly with savory turkey breast and fresh herbs. Making roasted grape turkey breast a gourmet-tasting and easy dinner. Grape Turkey Breast
Paleo Stuffed Turkey Breast - www.ThePrimalDesire.comStuffed Turkey Breast
Paleo Duck DinnerRoasted Duck with Cherry Sauce
Roasted Duck in Paleo Tumeric Plum Sauce - #paleoRoast Duck with Plum Tumeric Sauce
Nectarine Thyme Roast Duck - Duck with Cherry Sauce
Paleo Orange Glazed Cornish Game Hen - www.ThePrimalDesire.comOrange Glazed Cornish Game Hen
paleo-orange-glazed-roast-chicken-06Orange Glazed Roast Chicken
Rosemary Fig Stuffed Pork is savory with a hint of sweet figs, quick and easy for a family dinner or holiday table. Fig Stuffed Pork
strawberry-jalapeno-bbq-sauce-pork-tenderloin-04Strawberry Jalapeño BBQ Pork Tenderloin
Paleo Pulled Pork Peppers - www.ThePrimalDesire.comPulled Pork Peppers
Pecan Crusted Rack of Lamb - www.ThePrimalDesire.comPecan Crusted Rack of Lamb
Paleo Greek Lamb www.ThePrimalDesire.comGreek Roasted Lamb
Horseradish Honey Mustard Pecan Encrusted Salmon - www.ThePrimalDesire.comHorseradish Honey Mustard Pecan Encrusted Salmon



Irish Cream Eggnog Ice Cream is a simple 2-step process, only needing a freezer and a blender - Cream Eggnog Ice Cream
(in a blender)
Paleo Christmas Schweddy Balls - www.ThePrimalDesire.comChocolate Truffles
aka. Schweddy Balls
Paleo Caramel Apples: delicious apples covered in maple caramel make this a guilt-free treat! With only 4 ingredients they are quick and easy! Apples
Best Baked Apple Ever - www.ThePrimalDesire.comBaked Apples
Balsamic Pickled Fruit - www.ThePrimalDesire.comBalsamic Pickled Fruit
Paleo Cherry Chocolate Cheesecake - www.ThePrimalDesire.comCherry Chocolate “Cheesecake”
Paleo Rhubarb Banana Crisp - www.ThePrimalDesire.comRhubarb Banana Crisp
Paleo Whipped Coconut Cream - www.ThePrimalDesire.comWhipped Coconut Cream
Paleo Lemon Meringue Pie - www.ThePrimalDesire.comLemon Meringue Pie
Paleo One Pan Nut Brownies - www.ThePrimalDesire.comOne Pan Nut Brownies
ricotta-pears-no-title“Ricotta” Pears
Paleo Chia Chocolate Mousse - www.ThePrimalDesire.comChia Chocolate Mousse


Paleo Duck, Vegetable, Bacon SoupDuck (or Turkey) Soup Stock
Remember: I like to put anything into omelettes, especially leftovers. In fact, I will definitely be doing that this holiday season.
Mashed Yam Omelette - www.ThePrimalDesire.comMashed Yam Omelette


A helpful list of Paleo Christmas Menu ideas to make planning Christmas dinner a little easier: drinks, appies, sides, entrees, desserts & even leftover ideas!

About the Author:

I’m trained as a pharmacist, but my passion lies in changing people’s mental and physical health through amazing food… and laughter. I’ll laugh at my own jokes even if you don’t. I love food. Lust may be a more appropriate word. Prepare to get your Paleo-induced drool-on!


  1. Devi December 19, 2016 at 6:53 am - Reply

    That’s an awesome line-up Bro!! Good thing for your sister though, eh? See you soon!!! Merry Christmas!

    • Raj December 19, 2016 at 8:48 am

      I sure am! How many of these ones did you have a hand in? The pecan yams for sure….

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